Monday, December 1, 2008


This is a neat online storage site. You can try it free for 14 days, but there is an annual fee after that. I have had my photos in a couple of different online storage places over the last few years. A couple of them have closed (and I've had to transfer those pictures elsewhere!) and a couple of sites I uploaded pictures too just to take advantage of free photo developing - then when I didn't use the service for a certain amount of time I received an email that they were going to delete my pictures. Grrrrrr....had to move those pictures too!

Great things SmugMug offers that free sites don't:

  • No ads or promotions surrounding your photos.
  • Unlimited storage and traffic.
  • Ability to retrieve your photos anytime.
  • No requirement for your visitors to register.
  • No threat of losing your photos if you don't buy prints.
  • No reducing resolution of your photos like at free sites.
  • No "free for a few photos, expensive for more" plans like Picasaweb's.
  • Ability to view big, clear photos.
  • Gorgeous themes to personalize your galleries.
  • Full-screen slideshows.
  • Real, knowledgeable & friendly humans to answer your emails quickly.
  • More safety for your photos. Pay sites rarely close; many free sites—even from Yahoo, HP, Canon and Microsoft—have closed.

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