Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Praise God for His Blessings

A Christmas TreasureImage by mbgrigby via FlickrThe last couple of years for Christmas we have spent less and less. We have a large extended family and we have been trying to gradually quit exchanging presents all together - preferring to concentrate on creating memories and "doing things" rather than how much we can spend on one another.

I started back in November looking for deals and specials for the few gifts we were going to purchase. Greg asked me Monday morning what gifts I have for who and what do we have left to buy. I was so thrilled to be able to tell him I was pretty much done and I had spent very little money. I feel blessed beyond words by God's provisions this year.

Greg and I just finished our Christmas shopping this afternoon. We went out yesterday and today. We saved our hardest two people for last. Before I went out yesterday I prayed asking God to lead us in the right direction. I needed a couple of frames for pictures I had gotten (free from Walgreen's last week - thank you Jesus!) and I found a store that was going out of business and their frames were 90% off!!! Wow! Then I had heard about a sale at another store, but I wasn't sure if it was still going on or not. We went there and it was. I can't be more specific because that would give it away on here and I am not sure if certain family member reads this or not. But let's just say.....it was an amazing, awesome deal and we are done and I am feeling tremendously blessed and bottom line....we bought gifts for 25 people this year and spent right at $400.00!! Thank you Lord!
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Claire said...

That is awesome! I'm not sure what I spent this year, but last year was all cash, and very inexpensive. I only have about eight people to buy for, so it's not a fortune, either way. :)

God really does help us out when we are trying to be frugal.

Rebekah said...

Merry Christmas