Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Season of Gift Cards?

Gift cardsImage by robinsonsmay via FlickrDo you like to give Gift cards for Christmas presents? What about receiving them as gifts - are you happy when you get a gift card? I keep hearing that every year gift card sales continue to climb.

It's true that they are an easy thought needed to shell out a few bucks in exchange for the plastic "money" to the recipient's favorite store, restaurant, gas station, or entertainment complex. I am amazed at all the places you can get a Gift Card for!

I found this Gift Card site online where you can actually go and put in filters as to who you are buying for
There are HUNDREDS of gift cards to choose from! You can even design your own by adding a photo, art or logo to the gift card. What a neat idea!

I personally LIKE to give (and receive) gift cards because I am a cheapskate and there are some GREAT deals to be had AFTER Christmas. That way we can take advantage of the sales with our "plastic" money we received for Christmas.

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