Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Steps - March Goals

I posted some New Year's Resolutions you can read about here if you are interested. Most of those I am still sticking to but there is one that I am crossing off the list and another one I am going to break down into smaller monthly "Baby Steps" so we can achieve a little bit of success along the way and be able to congratulate our victories along this journey rather that waiting until the end of our release from the bondage of debt. With that said, here's my goals for March (I realize by posting them on the internet for all the world to see, it makes me somewhat accountable! LOL):

  1. Cook more meals at home - get our total food budget including eating out under $350
  2. Begin putting money towards the $1000.00 Emergency Fund - Step #1 - Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover
  3. Begin paying off our $2000.00 credit card - (the only one we have) and get rid of it

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Rebekah said...

I set some monetary goals for this year too. January was good, but February was slow (My husband has his own construction business) I hope to be back on track this month.

With four kids we dont eat out much but I do see areas where we could buget a little better.

Your last two posts encouraged me to stick to my goal for this year. Thanks