Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Here it is January 9th, 2008 and I've yet to put down any "resolutions" on paper. Traditionally I don't make resolutions. I like to call them Goals for the New Year or an "action plan" so to speak. But the last few weeks I've been in a funk I can't quite shake. I'm actually having a hard time concentrating on anything for very long and I've been very moody and angry lately.

I started writing in a personal journal this morning and it felt good to get some feelings out on paper where I could go back and read them later. I don't think I've been spending enough time alone with God lately and my attitude is beginning to reflect that.

With that said though I will go ahead and post some of my goals for this year:
  1. continue working towards getting out of debt
  2. raise all my money for my mission trip to Brazil in June (without my husband's help)
  3. get to Hawaii to see my daughter and her family
  4. continue growing an online business
  5. GIVE more for all I have belongs to the Lord!

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Sniz said...

Those are some good goals. Getting out of debt, raising money for a mission trip and going to Hawaii in one year sounds like something that would take a miracle...oh wait. We serve a God that just happens to be an expert in those!

Good luck and I just tagged you over at my place!