Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Diaper boxes turned storage boxes

Update: I am reposting this this week because I forgot to link it with WFMW last week!

I am in GA this week visiting my daughter and 2-yr-old granddaughter. When I arrived here yesterday, my daughter Tina was showing me Bailee's room and how Tina had rearranged it recently. She had purchased one of the Closetmaid cubicle shelves awhile back but never bought any of the fabric storage boxes they sell to go inside the little cubicles.

She showed me what she had decided to do and I was so impressed I immediately thought about sharing it on my blog for Works for Me Wednesday (although it works for HER, not ME!) She buys diapers in the large boxes. She decided to use several of those boxes to separate Bailee's toys into because they are the perfect size to fit in the cubicles.

In order to help Bailee remember which toy goes in which box she laid out all the toys from each box on her scanner and scanned a picture of them, printed it out and made a collage on the box! Now all Bailee's toys are pictured on the outside of each box and she knows which toy goes in which box...and the Pampers logo/color is covered up. Such a neat idea!

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storage boxes said...

Storage boxes are so versatile, you can put virtually anything in them. And what a great idea to put a picture of a child's toy on the fron so they remember which toy goes where - inspired!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Clever idea!


I love the tip for putting pics on the front. Should do this for my son!

Anonymous said...

I just happen to have one of these cubicals and was just thinking how I needed more boxes for it, but can't afford it right now. And I happen to have a diaper box waiting to be recycled. Thanks for the great idea!