Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Word(ful) Wednesday - visiting the set of LOST in Hawaii

While visiting my daughter in Hawaii the last two weeks, she decided we should drive over to the North Shore and try to sneak a peek of where they are filming the popular tv show LOST. She follows the show - I gave up after the first season when they changed the night to Wednesday night and it interfered with church AND that was pre-DVR in my house.
She looked it up online to find out where they were filming and got some EXCELLENT directions (complete with pictures and where to park!) from a fan who likes to scope out all the LOST film-spots around Hawaii. We had no problem finding our way there, parking and walking a short 10 mins down the beach to the LOST campsite.

It's pretty much torn down right now but guarded 24/7 by security. We spoke to the security guard (very friendly by the way) who said they have to continue to guard it because they bring a lot of the Dharma stuff there and people go crazy for that stuff. He told us that about another 10 mins down the beach was where they were going to be doing acutal filming and we should walk down there. I snapped a few pictures before continuing our journey down the beach...

My daughter was thrilled with all this LOST stuff. I was thrilled with this!!!
I absolutely LOVE SEA TURTLES and have collected them forever - for as long as I can remember. These sea turtles were everyone in the water rolling in the waves and I almost walked right over this one, mistaking it for a rock!!! She just looked at me like "Hello! I'm sitting here if you don't mind!"

We did find the new set of LOST a little further down the beach (and this is it behind my daughter) but the sound guys were busy setting it all up for filming....the next day. Awwww, man - too bad! There were buildings and things in this picture that they were covering with big palm tree fronds and stuff - it was pretty cool to see how they were setting it all up and laying out the sound equipment.
We stood on this point for over an hour watching the turtles rolling in these waves. There must have been 50-75 right here - it was just amazing! I could have stood here forever watching this.
This little guy got washed in with the waves right at my feet...then he turned around and started making his way back out to the water...After we walked back to our car and were leaving the North Shore we were sitting at a stoplight and in the traffic headed towards us, my daughter spotted this...(of course it wasn't on fire!) but she said "LOOK!! LOOK!! A DHARMA VAN!!" As it got closer, sure enough it had the Dharma symbol on the daughter's day was complete! LOL

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love Lost. I'm so jealous that you got to see some of the set and the sea turtles too.

BrandyEllen said...

OK now I am OFFICIALLY JEALOUS!!! I am so happy you got to see the set, but yes JEALOUS!

I love LOST! How cool is that? Happy WW!!!

Kim said...

Wow! I would LOVE to go to Hawaii!

Rebekah said...

What an awesome day! Loved the turtle picture- that is so cool.