Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tip for your lips: Homemade Exfoliating Rub

ouch, this weather is killing my lips!Image by ronsho © via Flickr

I saw this in a Woman's Day magazine and wanted to pass it on -

Your lips need exfoliating just like your body.
To make a homemade mixture, mix a single sugar packet with a bit of olive oil and rub over lips for 60 seconds. Gently wipe away with a damp facecloth. They should be nice and soft!
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Hunny Bee said...

I love homemade beauty treatments! Another good one is sugar mixed in lotion. Scrub on your hands, or feet or even gently on your face then rinse. So much cheaper than those expensive ones you can buy and basically the same stuff. Sorry about your toliet woes. Been there. Did you finally get the problem soved for good?

eally said...

I need to try the sugar mixed in with lotion for my heels are so rough and I keep scrubbing and scrubbing with one of those "cheese grater" thingies (LOL - don't remember what you call them) but I can't get my poor heels nice and soft anymore. Probably from wearing nothing but flip-flops and going barefoot year round!! LOL

Yes, I think I (ME ME ME) finally fixed that crazy toilet. Either that or the boys in my house realized after my fiasco they better deal with their running toilet before they open that bathroom door! LOL