Friday, April 17, 2009

Toilet troubles

Downstairs bathroom toiletImage by Hendricks Photos via Flickr

We have two bathrooms in our house. One in my bedroom and one in the hallway between my bedroom and Dakota's bedroom...we refer to that one as Dakota's bathroom. He's responsible for keeping that one clean and picked up.

About three months ago his toilet kept running everytime someone flushed it and then a month later the inside mechanism finally broke late one night after Dakota flushed the toilet. Greg and I made a midnight run to Walmart to buy the parts needed so he could fix the toilet that night. Everything has been fine until recently...

Since I got back from Hawaii a little over a week ago I've noticed the toilet is running again. Ugh, what the heck?! I've been busy playing catch-up with everything else so I really haven't stopped to investigate and find out why the water keeps running every time Greg or Dakota flushes it - but I have to keep sending them back in there to stop it from running - especially Dakota!

Last night Dakota was playing his Xbox Live and he was on there later than normal. I told him around 10:30 to be off by 11:00. At 11:10 he was still on there - I told him to get off - he said he was trying to complete some mission and was almost done. I was half asleep and was getting irritated that I had to get out of bed to get him off of his game. I walked back out into the living room at 11:20 and let him know in no uncertain terms he was to turn it off immediately because I was beyond being nice and I marched back to my bedroom and settled into my comfortable bed.

He shut down his game, turned off the lights, went to the bathroom, FLUSHED the toilet and went to his room and shut the door! OH. NO. HE. DIDN'T. I laid there for a minute, silently praying that the toilet would shut off itself so I wouldn't have to get out of bed AGAIN! No such luck.

Grrrrrrrr, I get up and head to the bathroom. I lean down to lift off the back of the toilet because I have to do something inside the tank. I'm balancing the basket that sits on the lid and holds all of Dakota's cologne, deodorant, air spray, etc so it doesn't spill over (basically being lazy and just trying to get it done so I can climb back in bed.)

As soon as I lift the lid up this wild spray of water starts shooting me in the face, on my shirt, on the wall...everywhere! It was like a firehose gone wild! WHAT THE HECK!?! I am desperately trying to hold on to the lid and keep from dropping it...the basket went flying on the floor and everything in it went everywhere. As soon as I could set the lid down I grabbed hold of the runaway water hose from inside the tank and put it back down inside there to finish filling the tank. Once it finished filling up the tank the water stopped and then I could hook it back on the tube where it had come unhooked from the side of this tube thing in there.

Then I looked in the mirror - Oh my goodness I was drenched! Sopping, dripping wet. The wall and floor and toilet paper was all dripping, sopping wet. By this time it was 11:45...I changed my shirt, threw towels down on the floor, climbed in bed and watched TV for an hour to calm my beating heart down. I felt like I had just worked out!

Greg asked me the next day "Why did you have a wet tshirt in the tub? What happened?"
Oh no he didn't!!!
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Michelle said...

LOL. I've never been over here to this blog. I'm so busy scoping out all the fabulous deals, that I didnt even realize you had another...and you homeschool. AWESOME, so do we.

MOMSWEB said...

LOLOLOLOLOL. Girl, this is just too funny - and you say you're not a writer. I also COMPLETELY relate to "can I finish this last mission?" or "I have one more level." Do they really think we give a flying fish about THEIR mission? Toooo funny!