Sunday, April 5, 2009


One of the last things I did in Hawaii, before flying back home Saturday, was go to a Luau. Felicia and I got a babysitter for her two older boys and we took baby Shawn with us and off we went. Her husband Will ended up having to work late and couldn't join us...kind of a bummer since she had already purchased his ticket BUT she got them for an awesome price so she didn't lose too much money.

FYI - If you plan on attending a Luau in the future, try to hook up with someone in the military and let them get your tickets - you will pay about 75% less than if you purchase directly through the people hosting the Luau!

We went to Paradise Cove Luau at the Ko'Olina Resort. It was a beautiful night and an amazing resort. For about an hour and a half we walked around and participated in activities they had set up on the grounds: polynesian tattooing, hula dancing, making lei's, and Hawaiian games. While this was going on we had to listen out for a man blowing into a conch shell

:en:Conch shell. Photo by me.Image via Wikipedia

and announcing additional activities: shower of flowers, bringing in the fish nets, and the raising of the pig (which we ate for dinner.) It was hard to see and do everything! Felicia has been to one other luau so she let me lead the way to what I wanted to do next.

Felicia working on her bracelet of flowers.

My completed bracelet - we wear it on our left wrist to show we are married.

I wanted to make a headpiece to wear next. Felicia didn't like them - she thought "they were goofy looking!" but I made her wear one anyway!! LOL
I am making my headpiece...

All done!

Felicia's headpiece - isn't she adorable!?

The view was beautiful...

My pretty girl...

Some of the dancers -

Our sunset picture

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Monica said...

I've enjoyed following your trip. It looks just amazingly beautiful! I'm sure it was hard to leave, but at the same time you must be glad to be back home.