Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BzzAgent: Afrin PureSea

I've talked on my other blog often about being a BzzAgent.

What's a BzzAgent?

A person who receives free products in exchange for talking (or bzzzzing) about those products. I've been doing this for over a year and have received some great products. I've tried new things I wouldn't have purchased otherwise and because I was able to try them for free I now love the product and will gladly purchase it!

The latest product I am bzzing about is a perfect example. It's called Afrin PureSea Nasal Rinse.
I am a long-time allergy sufferer but I have never gotten into nasal rinsing. Ewwww, the thought of it just disgusted me (and I was a little afraid of "choking" to be honest - thinking the rinse would go down my throat.) When I received the email that I had been selected for this particular campaign I kind of laughed to myself and accepted anyway thinking I would give the product to my husband or my mom.

Well, after I returned from Hawaii my allergies were working overtime and I couldn't get a handle on it. I had received my kit in the mail while I was in Hawaii so I opened it up and started reading the actually seemed easy enough. I'm a big girl! Surely I can handle this!

Let me just tell you I DID handle it and I had instant relief! I loved it! This rinse is extremely easy to use. I used it the next couple of days and I quit sneezing, sniffling...everything.

I am so excited too because right now CVS has these on sale and they are giving back $3.00 ExtraCare Bucks on each one so I am going to stock up on these while I can - it's a monthly special (limit of 5)
What's in this Afrin PureSea?
Nothing but purified sea water!
In fact, the purified sea water in Afrin® PureSea comes from the Bay of Saint-Malo in France. The powerful currents (so strong that you can't swim there) constantly renew the sea water and regenerate its mineral and salt content.
The people at Afrin are so sure you are going to love this that they offer a money back guarantee.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a BzzAgent, check out their website.
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sunnymum said...

Sea water works great on my hubby's allergies. Thanks for sharing your review.