Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

I've been doing some Merchandising work the last few months. I picked up a merchandising job working in a local CVS store (of ALL places...LOL) back before Christmas. I received an email last Friday from the lady who runs the company - she was saying there is a big job coming up in March and she had picked up some extra stores and she was just giving us a heads-up to make sure we were available. I sent her an email and asked her if she had picked up any additional stores in Pensacola (where I live) and if so could I work them. She sent me the list back and informed me that "yes, actually she HAD picked up some additional ones and she would love for me to take all of them if I could." There were 18 stores on the list!!! I was thrilled at the news!

I called Greg to tell him I had picked up 18 CVS stores I was going to have to merchandise in March.

His response "So, what does that mean?"

I'm a little baffled by his flat response. What do you mean "what does that mean?" Are ya kidding me? An extra bonus of money is what that means!

After a few more seconds of me realizing he's not too thrilled about this news I got off the phone and stewed for a few minutes. To make a long story short....after several phone calls back and forth between my two daughters, myself and my dear husband - the girls realized how upset I was at his lack of response so they realized they all better let me in on a little surprise they were holding back from me

I'm going to Hawaii on March 18th for 2 1/2 weeks

Felicia and Greg had been planning it and bought me a ticket as a surprise! Greg sent me a text message after Felicia told me the news and it said "Now you see why I wasn't happy about the job :-)" What a sweetie!

I contacted the lady this morning about the CVS jobs and told her about my surprise trip and asked her if she should re-assign the stores to somebody else or would I have enough time to do them. She said she was supposed to give us the work on March 15th. She doesn't want to re-assign the stores because she doesn't want to train anybody else so she told me to do what I can do the two days before I leave and then she would come in town and complete the stores for me!! Wow! Praise the Lord!
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