Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dogs - ticks

Our puppy, Raven, loves to roam through the woods behind our house. With that roaming comes a price! TICKS! Ugh....we have not had to deal with these before.

Our other lab, Jet, never roamed like this little monster...guess that was because we got him (our first lab) from an abused home and it took months of loving on him and caring for him before he did anything without fear of punishment.

Now though, we have to do a nightly search through our black-furred animals for these pesky blood suckers

tickImage by kafka4prez via Flickr

- I am so glad Greg doesn't mind doing this kind of thing! I was searching online today to see if there was some kind of medicine I could purchase to help with ticks and I found a couple of good deals I thought I would pass on in case anybody else has a problem with fleas or ticks.

Save Up To $30 On All Flea & Tick Products!

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During St. Paddy's week - here are the specials they are offering -

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*This offer is valid from 12:01am EST on 3/16/2009 until 11:59pm EST on 3/20/2009.

After researching, this looks like a good shampoo to try....anybody have any luck with this?
Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo (12oz)

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