Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking a Sunday Drive

Saturday it was 75 degrees. Sunday morning when we woke up it was in the 30's with a wind chill of 26 degrees. Slightly different weather conditions!

We turned on the Weather Channel while we got ready for church to see what the weather forecast was for the day. We were both surprised to see all of the snow that had fallen in Birmingham, AL!! That's only 3 hours from us. I casually told Greg "too bad you are on call this weekend, it would be fun to drive up there and eat lunch, see the snow and come back home."

His response - "Let's go!"

Did I hear him correctly?!? I told him don't play with me now, because I will take you up on it!

We asked Dakota about it and his first response was "I don't want to miss church." So, we compromised and agreed to go after Sunday School.

We didn't even have to drive all the way to Birmingham before we were in the snow...I think we were about 2 hours from home.

Stopped at a rest area....Dakota was FREEZING and wanted "back in the truck! Quit taking pictures mom!" :-)

We ate at a Cracker Barrel in Prattville (I think) and while we were in there we saw two families we knew....they had done the same thing we did! Gotta love us Floridians - we'll drive 2 hours away just to eat lunch in snow flurries! LOL

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TheHealthyFamily said...

This was funny :) I'm originally from Hawaii and moved to the Midwest 6 years ago, and was just like you when I saw my first snowfall. Now, the only thing snow does to me is make me wish for summer :)