Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Touches here and there

Since we moved into the house the last weekend in August I have not done too much in the way of decorating because we are planning on painting all the walls and re-doing every room. I am a cheapskate when it comes to spending money on little touches for the house so I tend to just keep putting off and putting off (because I never want to spend the money on it.)

We painted our kitchen walls a bright red back in December. Since then I have not spent anymore money on the house. When I went to Albany, GA a few weeks ago with my friend to see my daughter for the weekend one of the things we did that Saturday morning was go to yard sales. I managed to come across a deal on a 19" TV that I purchased for $10.00! We have TV's in both of our bedrooms but not in our living room so I thought this would be a small one for our living room.

Once I brought it home though Dakota decided to move all of his Xbox stuff out of his room and into the living room. The only problem with that is we didn't have anywhere to put the TV except on the floor. I've been looking at furniture pieces to purchase for the wall there and I haven't found exactly what I I am actually thinking of building some bookcases there - just have to run the idea by Greg first. :-)

The only thing that was on this wall (as seen in this picture taken at Christmastime) are two storage pieces that hold DVD's and videos/computer games. I hate these pieces because they are major dust collectors!! Dakota pushed the ottoman from our couch over closer to the wall to put the TV and his Xbox on and all the wires were strung out across the living room every day.

This obviously was enough to make me go do something because I couldn't stand the mess anymore! So last Friday my friend, Mardi and I went out for lunch and shopping. I found this temporary solution to my living room/Entertainment center needs. I say temporary because I have another use in mind for this bookcase once I find something else or "build something" for this wall. The picture doesn't do it justice but it really is a pretty shelving unit I picked up from Hobby Lobby - on sale for 20% off (it was around $100.00) and then the two boxes on the 3rd & 4th shelves I also picked up from Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off - they are holding all of the DVD's, CD's and computer games that were on those other two stand-up pieces. Yeah!! I got rid of those!

The long narrow "umbrella stand" on the left I picked up at Kirkland's and it was 1/2 price at $14.99 - I will be putting long dried flowers or something in there - not umbrellas.
While I was on a roll, Mardi helped me find some cute things for my kitchen...
at Kirkland's this metal cross wall piece was 1/2 price at $9.99
at Hobby Lobby, these bookend/picture frames were clearanced for $2.20 a piece
at Kirkland's this "A" tile for my last name along with the easel was on sale (less than 12.00/pair)
Where my cookbooks are, I had my microwave over there on that counter and it took up the whole space. I moved it to another area and now I LOVE the way this looks so much better!!!

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ashleigh said...

Your decorating skills are amazing. I love looking into how other people do little things around the house. We are currently dealing with the dvd rack issue as well...LOL Ours is full so we now have a stack of 20 or so sitting on the floor next to the rack until we find another rack similar.
The kitchen color is so bright and happy too..I love bright bold colors.