Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sportsmen's Spectacular 2009

Our church held its 8th annual Sportmen's Spectacular Banquet on Saturday night. This is one of our biggest community outreach events we do. This year's menu was quail, venison and pork (on a personal note...yuck!!! I ate ChickFilA before I came....LOL) but all the hunters and their families loved the menu. Greg and I were responsible for taking the pictures again this year. It's fun tag teaming working together doing this!

The speaker this year was an old friend - Mike. He used to be the Associate Pastor at our church several years ago until he left to move to AL and start his own church. He came up with the idea of the Sportsmen's banquet 8 years ago. Greg used to work very closely with Mike at the church and was instrumental in pulling off this first banquet. It was great for them to reconnect this year.

Greg actually couldn't wait to see Mike because the last time they saw each other about 5 years ago, Greg weighed 150 lbs more. He knew Mike wouldn't recognize him - he was right! He came up behind Mike and grabbed him and when Mike turned around to see who it was he said "hey man" but there was no recognition in his face. It was only after a few seconds and the smile on my face that he realized it was Greg and the shock appeared then. We had a great laugh when Mike grabbed his wife and said "Hey Lori, do you know who this is!!?" She was completely embarrassed that he had put her on the spot like that and after trying to stumble her way through it, she finally looked at me for help. Only then did she make the connection.

Mike's wife, Lori

Okay, so back to the banquet.....I don't know what all the final numbers were but I think there were close to 1000 people served and I know there were many who made decisions to give their heart to Christ.

There was a taxidermist set up with some incredible pieces!!

I don't know how anybody could kill these?? Why stuff them and have to look at it everyday? Yuck! To each his own I guess.

Dakota and his great-grandmom. She hasn't seen him in awhile and was shocked at how tall he has gotten. :-)

Me and my grandfather...

Dakota and his best friend helped at the drink table. (Can you believe they are the same age? Dakota has hit a growth spurt this year!

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