Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hearing Aids

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I went with my mom yesterday to her appointment to have a free hearing test done at Miracle-Ear. I was sitting with her throughout the whole process and watching all of the tests she went through. It was quite different from when I remember having hearing tests done to me as a child. She didn't have to go into a separate room while we sat on the other side of the glass.

We stayed in the woman's office and when she was ready to begin administering the tests, she just closed her office door and ALL outside noise was blocked off - we heard nothing! The lady inserted these spongy things in her ears which pretty much blocked out all noise except what she was saying to her through a headset or the noises that were coming through the computer during the testing phase. Overall, my mom did well. She was told to have her ears checked again in two years.

While we were sitting there talking I mentioned that I had been wanting to get my ears checked because I have noticed my hearing is different. We were about to leave the office after my mom's appointment was over and the woman asked me suddenly if I had time and wanted to go ahead and get my hearing checked. I gladly took her up on it because I really have been wanting to do that anyway.

After about 45 minutes of testing (much longer than my mom) I found out I do have mild to moderate hearing loss and she recommended hearing aids for me. This did not really surprise me.

What DID surprise me was the results of speech therapy test I had to do. I had the spongy things in my ears and she was talking to me through a headset. She adjusted the volume according to when I told her I could hear her fine. Then testing each ear separately and then together I listened while a man's voice would say "Say the word and" or various other words and I would repeat what he said. The word he said would flash on the computer screen so my mom could see what the word was. I had my eyes closed and was turned the other way so I couldn't see the word. I had told her ahead of time that I knew my left ear was worse than my right ear - I was right. I scored 85/100 with my left ear - meaning I missed words!! I was shocked! My mom told me later I had missed the first word and I really couldn't believe that....I thought I had heard them all fine. This was definitely an eye-opener.

I don't think our insurance covers hearing aids - one of my jobs today is to call and find out. The aids she wanted to fit me with are cute! They look like a piece of jewelry. They even come with 4 interchangeable colored covers and you can buy more colors to match any outfit. Isn't that crazy? LOL

Now I need to make an appointment for Greg...his hearing is worse than mine!
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bquigley said...

I follow blog posts on hearing loss because it's my job and I just read yours. My name is Ben Quigley and I am the head of marketing for a company called Songbird Hearing. We make a disposable, pay-as-you-go digital hearing aid that sells for $79.90.

So as you continue your journey, it's something that you can consider. In the past 6 months, we've helped thousands of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who don't want the expense and inconvenience that can sometimes come with permanent digital hearing aids. Since our product is so inexpensive and requires no fittings, it's not offered in hearing clinics. But even so, we do what we can to help people be aware of it, so that they can have some options (thus my blog post). Our website is at:

Good luck in your journey no matter what direction you choose to go in! And if we can help, please feel free to contact us as well!

My best to you,


eally said...

Thanks Ben for this info. I actually did look up information yesterday and came across the Songbird Hearing website. I was interested in hearing more about that since the difference in price is astronomical. Thanks!

Monica said...

How about that? I'm so interested to learn about how your daily life is affected once you have the aid. I so would love my dad to get his ears checked- he has hearing loss and is in denial. It leads to a lot of miscommunication and frustration at times.