Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This: Tina & Felicia's Birthday

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On to my moment...
My twin daughters are going to be turning 21 next month. Tina lives close enough now that she is planning on driving in town to let us celebrate this birthday with her but Felicia is in Hawaii so she'll be celebrating with her family and friends there. I will miss celebrating with both girls. We have had some fun celebrations over the years.

Their 17th birthday party was supposed to be a "surprise" Luau party. I had done great at keeping the surprise from them until the day of the party. Dummy me...on the day of their party I sent out one last reminder to everybody in my "family" group email folder and I forgot to remove their names this time so I sent the reminder to them too. They didn't bother to tell me all day that they knew about it though. I didn't find out until they drove up to the church and Felicia's husband (Will - she was married and living on her own at the time) told me "next time you want to surprise somebody with a party you might want to try not emailing them about it!" We all had a great time despite my goof! Felicia and Will moved to West Virginia a month later right after the holidays so this was our last big party together that year.

Felicia and Will came in town for the holidays the next year so while they were in town we decided to celebrate the girls 18th birthday by having a Mystery Dinner Theater Party. We are all "in costume" and had different roles to play. The girls have always wanted to do this - it was a lot of fun.

Tina had just given birth to her daughter Bailee a couple of weeks before their birthday in 2006 and Felicia had come down from WV to be with her sister during Bailee's birth so we celebrated their 19th birthday before Felicia left to go back home.

This was the last year the girls have spent together for their birthday. Being identical twins...they are very close and have a special bond. They talk daily on the phone several times a day. It's been over a year since they have seen each other and I know they miss one another dearly...especially around their birthday and holiday times. I miss them even more during those times...

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