Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wedding of "The Jessies"

Jessie (the guy) is Dakota's Youth Pastor. He's a great young man! Has a heart for God and a love for young people. He majored in music education and is extremely, EXTREMELY talented in that area! His day job - he teaches the drumline at an area high school band. Dakota adores Jessie.

This Saturday Jessie is marrying the woman God has saved just for him...Jessi! These two are so precious together. Everyone at church is looking forward to this day for the two of them. They have both been very vocal throughout their teen years and college years about abstinence and purity and faithfully serving God and He will lead you to the man (woman) He has chosen for you. It's been awesome being a part of this journey with this young couple and now to finally be able to watch them get married Saturday evening is so exciting.


Claire said...

That's awesome! My kids have met several young people who have shared their love stories, all of which include abstinence, and waiting for the one God chose for them.

I pray more young people hear the message that "True Love Waits."

Rebekah said...

Jessie and Jessi? Seriously? That is just too cute in itself. Just shows that God does, infact, have a sense of humor