Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on Wedding from Saturday

Remember when I posted about the wedding we were attending this past Saturday? Dakota had his best friend (our pastor's son) spend the night with him Friday night and I carried both boys to the wedding. By the time we got to the church we had to park three blocks away - it was packed!!
I kept Jacob with me during the service instead of trying to find his mom...his dad was a groomsman in the wedding as well as performing the opening prayer and asking who gives the bride away. The bride's father is a pastor and after he walked her down the aisle he actually did the ceremony.

Anyway, the main reason for writing this "update" is to say that Jesse (the girl) was absolutely breathtaking as she walked down the aisle. I wanted to post a picture but I didn't take my camera. Over 1/2 of our church is on myspace and we all share pictures with each other on there - there were like 1000 cameras there that night so I just knew somebody would have pictures up already but of course they don't! LOL While she was walking down the aisle, Jessie (the guy) was on stage and started bawling. It was the sweetest thing.

On the 20 minute drive to the reception I had Dakota, Jacob and another friend of theirs in the car with me. All 3 boys were sitting in the back seat discussing the events of the wedding.

Jacob: "It was nice and all but I wouldn't be crying like Jessie up on stage like that."

Russ: "Yeah, me either. Man he was crying like crazy"

Jacob: "Did you see him when my dad was praying? He was trying to wipe his eyes and quit crying? That was funny."

I said: "Oh you guys...he was just overwhelmed with her beauty as she was walking towards him. He's waited a long time for his beautiful bride."

Dakota said: "That's what I'M talking 'bout!!"

Jacob: "Yeah, I would probably cry too."

Russ: "Yeah, me too."

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