Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What time I am afraid

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee" Psalm 56:3

Ever since my children were young and learned this verse we have always quoted it when one of us was scared or afraid of something. Tina used to be scared of thunderstorms and she drew a picture one time of a thunderstorm and wrote this verse on her picture. I love that's the perfect example of a time to call on Christ from a child's eyes.

I went to GA to visit Tina and my granddaughter, Bailee a month ago. Dakota and I went alone because Greg had to stay and work. It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive and only 2 hours of that drive is on the interstate. The rest of the drive is through small AL & GA towns.

We have a GPS that we use when we travel. Before I left Pensacola I entered in Tina's address and the GPS gave me directions. The only problem was the directions wanted me to go through Tallahassee, FL and then up to Tina's house (much longer route!) so I hit "recalculate alternate route" and then it gave me the route I wanted...basically through the small towns and back roads.
We made it to Tina & Bryant's house without incident and stayed there for a 5-day visit. The morning we were going to leave I woke up at 4:00 am and was wide awake. I woke Dakota up and told him I wanted to get on the road. He, of course, thought I had lost my mind but I told him he could sleep in the truck on the way home. We loaded the truck, left a note for Tina and headed out by 4:45.

I handed Dakota the GPS and asked him to set it for home. He got it all set for me and then he got comfortable and quickly fell asleep. I drove along for an hour before hitting the 1st town where I thought I was going to have to turn to start making the trek west...but the GPS was silent so I kept on heading south. For another 20 mins I headed south into unfamiliar territory.

Hmmm, I start seeing signs for cities that I'm realizing I shouldn't be headed towards. "Now, how did that happen?"

Oh DRATS!! (a sinking thought just occurred to me) Dakota set the GPS and I didn't tell him to recalculate alternate route. I quickly grabbed the GPS and hit "recalculate"; it does and it tells me to make a right hand turn in 100 yds. "Oh great! Maybe I'm not too far off course"

Let me just tell you...for the next 30 mins on that Sunday morning I drove up and down hilly country roads in pitch black early morning hours with no other cars in sight saying this verse over and over and over in my head. Dakota slept peacefully beside me as I fretted terribly and relied on God and this little box (GPS) to get me back on course. The final straw was when the "box" told me to turn left and when I turned left it looked like this...for the next 2 miles!
A dark, winding DIRT road, barely wide enough for one vehicle - God help me if another vehicle were to come along - I have no clue what I would do then!

As soon as I got to the end of this road the GPS told me to turn left and I was back on the main highway where I was supposed to be...actually beyond the small town I would have gone through so I still made it home in the same amount of time I had planned on - in time for breakfast with Greg at Cracker Barrel. I was praising God for getting me home safely!!

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