Monday, October 20, 2008

Google Reader, Bloglines and Blogger Followers

Do you know what this symbol stands for? If you read many blogs or newspapers online you have probably seen this symbol. It is the RSS logo.

RSS = really simple syndication

When you see that logo you generally can click on it and subscribe to whatever it is you are looking at...a blog, editorial, magazine, or news feed. Once you have subscribed then you will receive daily updates from all your subscriptions into a "Reader." This eliminates the need for you to have to go back to each website to see what's new.

There are several "Readers" to choose from. I have been using Bloglines for the last year. Overall I have been happy with it until recently when several of my feeds keep getting dropped and I have to go back in and re-enter the feed information for those websites. That's frustrating so I started looking for another Reader to use.

I know some people use Google Reader and like it, so over the weekend I looked into that one. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the Blogspot blogs I am "following" (also a new service of Blogspot) were already in my Google Reader...because all of this is controlled by Google of course.
I have added this "Following" widget to my sidebar in both of my blogs. If you don't already subscribe to one of my blogs and would like to you now have 3 options (email, RSS, or by Following - which will allow you to "follow" my blog in Blogger's dashboard or in Google Reader.)

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Rebekah said...

I use bloglines but when blogger updated their blog format, I added some of the blogs I follow to see if I liked it better than bloglines.

I am still not sure if I like the blogger reader. Admittedly, I haven't played around with it very much so that may be the reason. I should be more diligent about reading some blogs in there so I can make a decision