Saturday, January 12, 2008

Never Doubt The Boy

Dakota, my 11-yr-old has this saying he likes to throw at us alot! - "Never doubt the boy!" This got started several years ago because he has the most amazing sense of direction and has been able to find his (our) way around new towns and cities after being there just a day or two. Ever since he was 3-4 yrs old he's been able to point out the directions home...which way to turn, which road to take now, etc. Needless to say as WONDERFUL as this has been it also comes with a downfall - his big head!! LOL

Anytime we are bantering back and forth over which way we should go he will be right 8 out of 10 times - and he loves to "beat" me, or Greg, or my parents....whatever adult he has just given the correct directions to. So now when he is right about ANYTHING, not just directions, he'll say "C'mon, let me hear it..." and we say "yeah, yeah, we know Never Doubt the Boy!"

Thursday night my mom, Dakota and I had just left Wal-Mart and we were stopping at Home Depot to pick up one last thing before heading home. We were in my mom's caravan. She pulled up and parked and she & I both jumped out of the front seats and shut the doors. We walked to the front of the van and turned around to wait for Dakota....who was lingering at his side door while closing it. I said "c'mon Dakota, let's go!" - we had been gone all day and I was ready to get what we needed and go home. He said "um, Mimi, your van is making a weird shhhhhhhhhhhhh...sounds like air is coming out of your tire."

Again I repeated, "well, c'mon, let's go! It's probably just the car sitting next to you that you hear - they have their engine running.

He says, "mom, I KNOW what that sounds like...this is like air coming out of your tire really fast." Mom and I just started laughing and she said "Dakota, if air was coming out really fast my tire would have blown - it doesn't happen like that"

We go in the store, get what we need and head back outside. At this point I notice a young couple parking next to us and the young guy gets out of his SUV and starts looking at my mom's van...down at the tire. We get closer to the van and he says "Is this your vehicle?"

Uh-oh! Gulp! "Yes, it is, why?"

His response "Well, you have a major flat tire over here and it's still losing air - you can hear it coming out."

Dakota looks at us and says "Ah-ha!! What do you say?? Let me hear it?? Altogether now??"



Sandy said...

ROFL, that is too funny Elisa! Dakota is one smart young man!

Big Doofus said...

We have a similar thing with our youngest daughter who has an amazing ability to keep track of where things are located in our house. I'm pretty sure that either Miss Sniz or I blogged about it at one point. Anyway, if we're missing something we usually ask her first and in many cases you can see her brain work for just a second and then she heads out to retrieve it. It comes in handy.