Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet the Spartans

Okay, so Dakota has been waiting for weeks for this movie to come out. He has literally been counting down the days until 1/25/08 - because that was the day this movie was going to come to the movie theater.
Well, when I saw the trailer for this movie I said "uh uh, no way! I am NOT going to see this movie....this is a DADDY movie!" LOL, yeah, sounds good, I'll pawn this movie off on daddy!!
So I tell Dakota that I have plans Saturday night to go out with a friend and perhaps he and daddy could go see this movie then. He asks his daddy and daddy agrees. (LOL - little did daddy know what he was getting himself into at this point.) Sometime after I fell asleep last night, my dear darling husband wakes up and begins watching television and he sees an ad for this movie. Oh no! When we go to breakfast (our regular Saturday ritual) he tells me he saw the ad...(gulp)...and he is NOT about to go see this stupid movie. He can't believe I told Dakota that HE would take Dakota to see this movie! LOL
Anyway, to make a long story short....we got Dakota to call around and find a friend to go with him and we dropped him off and after the movie we took the young man back home - clear across the other side of town - but it was soooooooooo worth it! It saved us from sitting through this disastrous movie and the boys loved it!


Sniz said...

Is this the spoof or the real one?

eally said...

THis is the spoof

Big Doofus said...

Huh. Those are the same uniforms we wear at work.