Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dumb & Dumber (follow-up)

If you missed my previous post about Dumb & Dumber you might want to catch up on that before reading this follow-up story. I was referring to a friend of ours, Bob who has two brothers who fight like crazy.

Last time I posted, Dumb was sitting in jail and Dumber was furious at Bob for trying to help Dumb out so Dumber was trying various legal tactics to seek revenge on Bob. Craziness I tell ya!

So today the whole circus group arrives at the court house for their day in court. I went along as a character witness for my friends - turns out though Dumber made enough of an a$$ of himself on his own that my friends didn't need any character witnesses for themselves. All charges were dropped against Dumb and he was given permission to live at Bob's house. The judge threw out everything and told Dumber & wife that they needed to stop the foolishness. The funny thing was, the more Dumber spoke, the people in the courtroom started getting ticked off at him and telling him to Grow Up, Get A Job, Quit Being Stupid and various other comments. I kept waiting for the judge to call order in the court!

As I stood in the hallway talking to Bob & Sue afterwards several people passed by (who had been in the courtroom) and told Bob & Sue how sorry they felt for them with all the craziness going on between Dumb and Dumber...and they sincerely hoped things would get better for all involved.


Big Doofus said...

Like I said, Jerry Springer. Thanks for getting us up to speed on the story.

eally said...

Yes, Jerry Springer indeed! So crazy that there are families out there like this. :-(