Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fascination with Poop

After reading my blog friend Sniz's latest post on "POOP" it reminded me of this horrible game we played at my daughter's baby shower. I am sure some of you have played the dreaded dirty diaper game! I couldn't believe when the host of her baby shower announced we were going to play this game. It about made me sick to my stomach when they started passing these diapers around and all these women were putting these nasty melted chocolate "poopy-looking" things up to their noses and smelling them to try to guess what flavor chocolate bars they were! GROSS!! Needless to say, I sat this game stomach couldn't handle this little game.


ClaireBoe said...

Silly girl. I don't like shower games, at all, and that one sounds especially tiresome.

Hey, I tagged you over at my blog! Paybacks, you know. :-)

Sniz said...

I know, I know. Poop is fascinating to most people. I have been shocked by how many blog entries use the word poop! I've played that game before but could never, never bring myself to actually instigate it!