Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pcola Moms Night Out

Had another great night out with my pcolamom friends last night! There were almost 40 ladies who showed up! We met at McGuire's Irish Pub/Restaurant for dinner first then a group of them continued on to a club for dancing. I continued on to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru for doughnuts and then home. LOL Greg was asleep by the time I got home around 11:00 so he didn't get to hear all my stories. I was forced to lay there quietly and watch tv for an hour or so until the excitement wore off and I could fall asleep.
Me and one of the other ladies - Marybeth

I invited one of my best friends, Mardi and my mom, Glenda, to join me for dinner.
This was the first table that filled up with 20 women. Behind that wall was my table, with another 20 women. We had a back room to ourselves - with this small wall dividing our tables.

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