Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom turned 60 on Friday, September 27th! My twin girls will be turning 20 on November 25th! I'll be turning 40 on December 7th! We are all 20 years apart. We've been teasing my daughters that one of them has to carry on the "tradition" and have a child and we've been trying to guess which one it would be but neither one is interested in anymore children right now! LOL (Felicia has two boys already and Tina has a daughter who will be a year old in November.)

Anyway, back to my mom...this last year or so she has started coloring her hair and wearing it so stylish she looks rather pretty these days! Before that she was letting it go gray. I never thought anything about the gray because that's just a natural fact of life....we're gonna go gray at some point of our life....but when she had her hair colored that first time - WOWZA - she was a different woman!! Now we won't let her go gray again! LOL So happy birthday mom! We love you!

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