Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Bound

My daughter is safe and back in her home as of yesterday! I decided this afternoon to go ahead and fly out there tomorrow and see them. I am so frustrated with Delta though! What a racket!! I used skymiles to get my first ticket (when I was going to fly out Tuesday, 10/23) and I had to pay $75.00 since I was purchasing my ticket less than 21 days out. Well, when I couldn't go on Tuesday due to the wildfires I called Delta and had the miles put back in my account and because of the wildfires they were waiving the re-deposit fees (normally $75.00 - what a joke that fee is!) They did refund my $10.00 I paid for taxes but of course they don't refund my $75.00 fee. So today when I called to schedule another flight for tomorrow they wanted to charge me ANOTHER $75.00 - I asked to speak to a supervisor and she informed me they are only allowed to waive the fee one time and what I should have done is rescheduled in the first place instead of redeposit my skymiles back in my account. I told her "well two days ago if I had known what the wildfires were going to do today and if I had known that the area I wanted to go to was no longer under an evacuation order today then I would have booked a flight for Thursday instead!!!" DUH! UGH!! So frustrating! I had decided NOT to go because I was so mad and I was just going to schedule a flight 21 days out so as not to pay another 75.00 but my husband talked me into going...he reminded me that we still can't get a ticket from FL to CA for $150.00 and with the flight I picked out it used 12,000 less skymiles than I was originally using - so that was a major plus!! So, anyway, I am leaving tomorrow heading for San Diego, CA for a week....just in time too because it has turned cold here!! I've been freezing all day and my daughter says it is HOT out there - with all the fires I guess :-(


Sniz said...

Tell me how San Diego is. I hope you have a lovely visit with your daughter and I'm so glad she's safe. BTW, you live in Florida, right? What do you consider cold?

eally said...

I live in FL yes...cold to ME is anything below 70 degrees! LOL, yes I am cold natured!!! I have loved it out here in CA this week because it has been in the 80s and 90s! Awwwwwww, MY kind of weather!