Thursday, October 11, 2007

Butterflies & Seagulls

We love going to the beach here where we live. We went one Saturday back in September and when we got there we were so excited because the surf was pretty flat in the Gulf and the the water was that beautiful clear blue-green color. We carried our chairs and cooler down to the edge of the water and got comfortable and all the seagulls showed up waiting for THEIR lunch! haha
It just gave me a chance to snap some up-close pictures of them while they waited for us to throw them some leftovers.

The seagulls almost blend in with our sugar-white sand beaches we have here in FL. I have always loved our sand! You can't find sand like this anywhere else in the world!
Today Dakota and I went to a kids' park to meet up with some other homeschooling moms/kids for a play date. We had never been to this particular park before. There was a huge wonderful butterfly garden planted at the entrance of the park and hundreds of butterflies were flittering all over the place! They were fascinating to sit there and watch. Dakota helped me capture several good pictures of them by pointing out some that were landing on flowers long enough for me to snap a picture.

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Sniz said...

Wow, those pictures of the butterfly are great! You must have a wonderful camera (and your own skill as a photographer is nothing to sneeze at either!)