Friday, October 12, 2007

My Darling Dakota

My sweet youngest child has hit the tweenage years and HIT THEM HARD! If the last 3 months has been any indication of what the next 9 years is going to be like (the age at which he will no longer be a TEENager) I believe my knees are going to have calluses on them from all the praying and my hands are going to have permanent fingernail impressions from the balled-up fists when I am trying to keep my mouth shut out of frustration and rely on God for PATIENCE instead to see me through.

One minute I have a loving boy around me who wants to "play with" my hair and run his fingers through my hair (because he loves my long hair), play a game with me, sit in my lap and surf the internet together looking up information, crawl up in my bed and watch a show together, take a walk, or various other activities....then in the blink of an eye this other child I don't recognize pops out of nowhere and rears HIS ugly head! In the place of MY sweet boy, I now have an argumentative, crying, sulky child who looks at me like I am the most ignorant person in the world! I reach out for a hug and he pulls away with horror like I am covered with leprosy or something.

He looked at my blog the other day when I was sharing it with somebody else and he was so offended because there were no pictures of HIM on here! Now I have a myspace page with pictures of HIM all over it and I just never even thought to put pictures of him on my blog. I told him "but honey, look let me show you....I wrote about your birthday on here and I bet I put a picture of you there..." and I scrolled down to that posting but guess what?! I put a picture of HIS CAKE - not HIM! Oh my goodness - did that ever set him off!!! Now I am not one to "coddle" my children - I'm really not, honest and I can only deal with so much "temper tantrum" and sulking before it's off to the bedroom with you so I don't have to look at that sulky face...BUT, there have been some things going on within our household lately (of which I'll be announcing at a later date) besides just him being a tweenager that I think may be causing him to act this way so for that reason I am posting some pictures of my "sweet little man" on here for him to see that I want everyone to see HIS pictures on my page just as much as any other pictures I post on here. Enjoy!

Uncle Dakota and his brother-in-law Bryant (the big guy) rough-housing with nephew Allan - Feb 2007.

When I got back from Brazil in September, we went out to eat with my mother-in-law for her birthday. This was at the Chinese restaurant we ate at.

In July, my daughter - Tina and her baby, Bailee came into town. Dakota is such a good Uncle to all his nieces and nephews! He loves on them and is so eager to see them and they LOVE and ADORE him!!

Dakota is in the kayak at my dad's beach house in August. He is getting pretty good at manuevering that thing! Dakota and I were dancing the ChaCha Slide at Relay for Life in April - we love participating in this Relay every year. Raising money for cancer research. We also like doing this dance!! We danced it about 10 times that night!! LOL

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Sniz said...

You are a good mother! That's a lot of pictures. My 13 YO son is like that too. He always wants me to put things about him on my blog. It's hard because he doesn't do things like pray for his stuffed animals anymore and since we homeschool, I see all the "teenagerness" first hand, stuff I don't think he'd want me to share. That's a good idea to put a lot of pics on here of him. BTW, you don't look old enough to be a grandma!