Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jay Peanut Festival

After we finished at Barktoberfest and loaded Jet (our lab) and Dakota up in the truck to head home, I asked my husband if he would ride with me up to Jay to the Peanut Festival. He looked at me like I was crazy at first because Jay is a very small community out in the boondocks and it takes about 45 mins - 1 hour driving through cotton fields and farmland to get there. But he is always very easy-going and good-natured about things like this especially if it means us "doing" something together so he agreed to accompany me. We dropped Jet and Dakota off at home because Dakota said "he didn't want to ride all the way up there!" and off we went.

The ride was very enjoyable...it had been years since I had been out that way. I was sad I didn't bring my camera when we passed a couple of cotton fields that were positively white with cotton - it looked like fields of snow!!

The weather was beautiful! When the sun went behind the clouds it was just perfect - not too hot. We walked around the festival for an hour or so looking at the vendors' booths. We didn't purchase any peanuts but we bought a bunch of homemade goodies (banana nut bread, cookies, and pralines) from churches who were doing bake sales.

I just love this time of year - there are so many festivals and things to do and the weather is wonderful!

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Sniz said...

I LOVE the temperature right now!!! We live in Indiana, and the last couple days are the first time it's cooled down at all. The way you described the fields, white with cotton, was great. I felt like I was there!