Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working in my yard

With all the rain we have had lately everything is so green, flowers are blooming and I've had an itch to work in the yard. It's been interesting seeing what plants/flowers are springing up from various places throughout our yard. We bought our house in the fall so everything was dying and we weren't aware of what treasures we had.

These cannas were dying when we moved in - we knew they were here but they didn't look near as beautiful as they do now! In our neighborhood we have underground lines. We love this! It's really nice because we won't have to worry about our power lines getting knocked over by falling trees during hurricanes but there are these big ugly green boxes in front of everyone's yard...most people have planted things in front of them to try to "pretty them up."

Aren't these flowers beautiful? I love the leaves AND flowers on this plant.
This is our front bed where we removed a very large azalea bush from in front of the living room window right after we moved in. When we did that though it revealed cable boxes and ugly wires that go to our neighbors house next door. We've been staring at that "mess" for nine months and we finally went to the store this past weekend and got this piece of lattice work to cover all the wires. I went back yesterday and picked out a passion vine (still in the pot in front of garden) that I'm going to plant by the trellis and have it grow up that trellis.
These are the unique flowers on the passion vine. They are absolutely gorgeous! There are several buds all over the one I purchased - I can't wait to see all these flowers opened up.
While I was at the store yesterday I decided to pick up these two pieces of trellis and this jasmine plant. I planted these in my backyard between my house and the neighbor's house just for a little privacy. This jasmine will grow up all over this trellis and smell so good! I love the way it smells and the pretty white flowers that come up all over it.


Monica said...

Beautiful! I just love flowers and all the unique designs and colors. It must be wonderful to be able to grow them year round.

hunnybeemay said...

Gardening is so much fun. I love jasmine too but we can't grow it outdoors here. Has to come inside in the winter. Also, do you remember a while back when you posted something about really cheap eyeglasses? I think it was you. I'm trying to find that info again. If you remember can you reply to me. I'll keep searching in the meantime. Thanks!!! Have fun planting!!!!

MOMSWEB said...

Beautiful! I'm not much of a garden person, but I like the front of the house to look and smell nice.