Saturday, May 16, 2009


We went shopping for a lawnmower on Mother's Day - you can read more about that here on my other blog. While we were out shopping I told Greg I wanted to pick up a pool for the dogs. We have labradors and they love the water.
As soon as we started putting water in the pool our puppy, Raven, jumped in and was sticking her head under the water trying to find things. We watched them and laughed at her antics in that pool for over an hour. Dakota decided to stick his head in the water with Raven.
Jet walked around and around the pool trying to get in and Raven would follow him around. She was inside, not letting him get in. He is looking at us like "can't you do something with this brat?!"
We probably should have bought two of them so Jet could play too. Poor guy, he's so big (and fat!) she runs circles around him. We have to make him get out and run and play now. He won't even run after his toys anymore because she takes them from him. It's as if he's saying "Why bother, she's just going to take it anyway..."
Raven trying to pick up the hose while the pool is filling up...
She's a pesky thing but she brings us lots of laughs!

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