Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day

Tina made me this cake last year for Mother's Day. Isn't it beautiful? The only problem is when she made it she lived in California and I lived in Florida...she tells me it tasted great! Hmmm, wonder if I'll get another cake from her this year now that she lives closer?! (HINT HINT)

With Mother's Day right around the corner I can't help but get just a wee bit excited at the thought of having a whole day that is mine, just mine to do whatever I want to do. As excited as I get at the thought of my day, I really do try to keep things in perspective by remembering those mothers around me who will not get a "day off" so to speak:
  • the young 20-something mom in my church who has two small boys and her husband was killed in a freak accident last year.
  • the 30-something mom in my circle of friends who was completely blindsided this last year when her husband was arrested for child pornography and hauled away to prison
  • my own daughter in Hawaii with 3 small boys 5 yrs old and under - her husband may or may not be back from sea duty on Mother's Day
  • a wife and mother in our church whose husband was just deployed 2 weeks ago to Afghanistan for the next year
  • then there's the 3 young children I taught in Sunday School a few years ago - even though we don't attend the same church anymore I think about those precious children every holiday, especially Mother's Day...their Mother died suddenly and unexpectantly. She was only in her 30's and she left behind 3 small children who adored her and were completely devastated when she went home to Jesus.
I can't help but remember those three children every Mother's Day. It helps to remind me to cherish all of the years I have had with my own children and grandchildren and not take one minute for granted.

Two years ago on Mother's Day a group of my friends (all moms) and I gathered our children together and after we had all gone to lunch with our families we took our children and met at the bowling alley for an afternoon of bowling and pizza...just the moms and kids on Mother's Day. That was a great afternoon and what a way to spend Mother's Day...doing what I do best - just being a mom!

What are your plans this year?
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Christina Luciano said...

HAHA Am I supposed to mail you that cake?! I got you something better this year that you can actually keep! :)

eally said...

Bwahahaha, NO, you are supposed to come in town and see your mother! LOL