Monday, May 4, 2009

Prayers for this family

When I posted about Relay for Life, I mentioned this young girl, Jackie and told you I would tell you more about this family later. Jackie got cancer when she was around 5 years old (I think that's how old she was) and even though her cancer is gone the damaging effects from her chemo have been long-lasting. She has had to have several surgeries and other procedures over the last 7 years...all of which have created mounting medical bills.

Through it all, the family has remained upbeat, positive, supportive, and charitable within the church and community. Our children's director at church recently nominated the family for a local contest called Extreme Dream Makeover. The family won! They won $5000 for their own and $5000 to giveaway or donate to a charity.

What they didn't expect was to be blessed by a local carpenter/home improvement company with a home makover! Majors Home Improvement came in and updated the family's home! This was a miracle to say the least!! Shane (shown in the picture below on the left) and Melissa have 5 children and they are living in a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home. One of the improvements Majors Home Improvement did was to install a shower in the 1/2 bath so now that is a full bath - that means a lot to this large family.

It seems like they are just getting blessed all around doesn't it? So why am I asking for prayers for this family? Shane got involved with the Relay for Life events because of his daughter Jackie's fight with cancer. He has been the DJ for most of the Relay events in town for several years now. He keeps people motivated in the wee hours of the night when everyone is tired of walking and ready to give up. Now it looks like Shane is going to be needing some motivation. Last week, three days before our Relay, Shane had surgery to remove a lump from his neck. He is going back this Wednesday to get the final results and find out his next course of action. The doctors are saying it is lymphoma.

This young father and sole provider of 5 children needs prayers right now...will you join me in praying for a miraculous healing?
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Rebekah said...

tears of joy and saddness all wrapped up in one post. I will get them in my prayers