Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zenni Optical

Our new puppy has been sleeping in our bed at night with us. My husband often falls asleep with his glasses on and then pulls them off his head sometime during the night (without realizing it) and just lays them on the bed. He must have done this two nights ago and the puppy got ahold of his glasses while we slept.

When he woke up in the morning he had some nice little bite marks right in the center of both of his Progressive lenses! These are expensive lenses! Right now he has another pair of glasses he is wearing temporarily until we can replace the ones puppy used as a chew toy, but he can't read with those old glasses so they won't work for long.

I think I found a solution to our problem though! I just heard about Zenni Optical - a low cost provider for eyeglasses.
These titanium half-rim frames are only $15.95! That is a terrific price! There are hundreds of styles to choose from. Progressive lenses (which is what my husband uses) start at $37.00. Besides the Progressive lenses they offer Single vision, Bi-focals, sunsensor lenses, and tinted sunglasses. They manufacture and sell their own frames to the customers so there is no middleman and very little advertising money spent, hence the reason for the low prices. I am so excited to have found Zenni Optical since I have a husband and a son who wears glasses - I will definitely be checking into this company!

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