Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tina and Felicia!!


My girls are 21 today!
I am so proud of both of you and I love and miss you both dearly! You are amazing mothers yourselves!
Hope you enjoy the pictures...

When the girls were first born, Tina had very little hair and Felicia had a head full of black hair. Family members were trying to get me to get their ears pierced but I didn't want to.
When they reached about 6 mos old they were both bald - and looked exactly alike! I couldn't tell them apart and I actually got them mixed up one day and fed one of them twice and didn't feed the other one at all. It was only after hours of her crying and me trying to figure out what was wrong with her that I realized my mistake. I went that weekend and got their ears pierced and one wore pearls and the other wore diamonds - so I could tell them apart!
The girls were attached to these HUGE pacifiers until they turned 3 yrs old. They wouldn't accept any other type of pacifier - these type were extremely hard to find too! When we could find them we would buy several to keep on hand. Look at how big those things are - nothing like the tiny little things babies use today. LOL
All dressed up and ready for church - Easter Sunday
Most of my pictures from this point on are in scrapbooks already so I had to take pictures of my scrapbook pages. The girls went to a Christian school until 3rd grade - they had to wear dresses every day - they had LOTS and lots of dresses!

They spent the night at grandparents house the night before their school pictures were taken. They wanted to get themselves ready that day for their school pictures and THIS is how they dressed - exactly alike!! At first I was so upset when I got their pictures back because they didn't fix their hair and all they wore was a tshirt but the more I looked at the pictures the more I enjoyed them because it was the girls quirky sense of humor coming out in those pictures - they share that sense of humor that's for sure!
Greg used to bleach his hair really blonde. Felicia decided she wanted to do her hair like that and she let Greg do it - ugh...it was horrible! She kept it blonde for awhile then I took her to a salon and spent a ton of money to "fix" it. The pictures below on the top are her before and after pictures from 7th grade. Tina is on the bottom.
When the girls turned 16 I took them out to get their nails done, to Glamor Shots and to a special surprise dinner at The Melting Pot. Everything we did was a surprise that day - I had told them to just keep the day open and I took them from one thing to the next. We had a great day!
Now Tina has her sweet 2-yr-old baby girl - Bailee and she lives in Albany, GA with her marine husband and she is finishing up her degree online where she has been on the President's list for her grades! Congratulations Honey!!
Felicia has her two precious boys - Allan who will be 5 on Dec. 18th and Nathan who is 3 and she lives in Hawaii with her Navy husband.
She just graduated from Massage Therapy school a few months ago - congratulations honey - I am so proud of you because I KNOW how hard this was to get through this with your two younguns and your hubs being gone all the time AND your added pregnancy on top of that!!
This is my darling Felicia as of yesterday...she has 4 weeks left in her 3rd pregnancy...bless her heart - she's ready to pop! You look beautiful darling!
Happy Birthday Tina and Felicia! I love you both so much! I wish I could be with you today but know that you are both in my heart and thoughts and prayers.

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Claire said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Tina & Felicia! I know you must be wonderful ladies, with a mom like yours.

God bless you both!