Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Allergy Free Hayride

We had an unusually cold weekend last weekend...rather freezing by our standards! We are not used to temps below 40 degrees in November!! Ugh - we don't get temps like THAT until January. For heaven's sake this is Florida!

Anyway I told you how we went to a birthday party this past Saturday at my best friend's house for her little 2-yr-old boy. He loves Barney and farmyard stuff so it was a "Barney at the Farm" party. They had a hayride for everyone...but without the hay! The thing about this was Saturday was one of those days that started out warmer at 8:00 am than it was at 2:00 by the time we all went on this hayride around 4:00 it was getting quite cold outside and most of us were not dressed adequately.
I am in this picture with my back to the camera wearing the white hoodie.
I didn't plan on going on this "hayride" because of the cold AND because all I had on was a tshirt and a hoodie BUT I think they wanted to get as many people on here as possible so we could all keep each other warm! We all piled in and Sammy (Caleb's father) drove around and around the neighborhood. The kids enjoyed it. The adults froze!
After the third pass-by, Sammy gunned it and started to go around the neighborhood again and we all yelled at once "NO!! STOP!! TURN AROUND!" He slowed down and laughingly asked us if we wanted to stop?! Ya think? (as he sits inside the warm truck...) In order to get us back to the house quickly he then drives through this field - "oh great, now we are on a mud-riding hayride! Everybody hold on!!"
All in all it was a lot of fun. Bailee had a great time as did all the other children. I only wish we had all been prepared for the cold weather a little better. Ya just never know about our weather here!

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Rebekah said...

Oh pooh- I dont want to hear you Floridians complaining about 'cold'. I used to be a Floridian, ya know. It's only cold for one day, two tops- then its back to warm and sunny.

LOL- enjoy your weather