Monday, November 3, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

Our puppy has recovered! And what a difference! She's a feisty little troublemaker! LOL
But oh so cute!!
When she was sick, she WAS sleeping in our bathroom every night. Now that she is feeling better, that went out the window...she whined for an hour the first night so this is where she sleeps now. I haven't gotten in bed yet - she's just keeping my pillow warm for me ya know?!
When we first brought her home, our 6-yr-old lab, Jet, didn't care for her too much. But when she was so sick, he kind of took pity on her and let her lay near him. Now they are starting to play together. It is hilarious watching them play tug-of-war....he is 85 lbs and she is ummm I think 12 lbs!

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