Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Costumes Anyone?

Now that Halloween is over I've often wondered what Halloween costume stores do the remainder of the year. I think I found my answer! While perusing the internet this morning I found this store, Halloween Adventure and I noticed that they carry Christmas costumes.

With Christmas right around the corner and pageants and plays coming up at churches and schools this is a great place to find some cute costumes to fit all those needs. There have been several times in past years that we have needed a certain costume for a parade or play one of the kids has been in and we have had to construct bits and pieces together to try to get a decent costume. I wish I had known about Halloween Adventure! I never even thought to look at a Halloween costume store for Christmas costumes!

This Elf costume is adorable! I love the movie Elf - this costume reminds me of that movie. I could see myself wearing this to a Christmas party! My friends would get a big kick out of this-LOL

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Rebekah said...

Speaking of Elf- that reminds me. Did you see last year that online thing you could do- add pictures of yourself/ friends/ family to an Elf video. Then they would all dance around?

If I get it again this year, I will forward it to you.