Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pictures from our Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat at church

I worked the Registration Table this year alongside my mother. We were swamped the whole evening! We had so many people attend our Trunk or Treat Fall Festival...I was amazed!! It lasted from 6-8:00 but people hung out for awhile afterwards-nobody wanted the night to end. LOL Normally I am the photographer at all the church events but my husband had that role this year - he did a great job.
Dakota (in the striped jacket) and his cronies. Dakota worked in the arts&craft room the first hour, then he ran around with his pals the 2nd hour.
Middle School Boys - gotta love 'em all nice and sweaty...ewwwwwwwwwww
Our crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy pastor! Looking for help....need a pastor??
Our Children's director - she's the best!
Children's Director daughter, Bri - she has long blonde hair like her momma - that is HER hair she teased and put stuff in - yuck! I would hate to be them today trying to get THOSE knots out!!My best friend in the whole world - CJ - she is having her last chemo treatment Wed. We are praying her "counts" will stay where they need to be once she finishes chemo.
Mom and I at the Registration Table

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