Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving -- Puppy Style

My stepson came over Thanksgiving morning for a couple of hours. He brought his dog, Scout over. Scout and our lab puppy, Raven are about the same age - 16 weeks. We watched these two dogs run and play for 2 hours around the house. They ran and tumbled and chased each other. It was hilarious watching them!
Raven tries to play with our "old man" lab but he gives up after about 15 mins. He just can't hang with Raven for very long so she loved having Scout around for awhile.
Now that Raven is over her illness she is full of energy! By the end of the day I am worn out and ready for Greg to take over "puppy" duty. :-)
Dakota and I were raking the leaves in our back yard Wednesday - that was a job with Raven around! She liked running through the piles and waiting for us to chase her out. She had dirt and leaves all over her.

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Claire said...

Aw, I love puppies. I got my dog when he was already a year old, and past the puppy stage. I guess that's good for potty training and such, but they are so cute and cuddly when they are little. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, Elisa!~