Friday, January 9, 2009

WOW - Direct TV doesn't waste anytime

Back view of a Series 2 Tivo unitImage via WikipediaWhen we moved into our new house back in September we went with Direct TV (satellite) for our television viewing needs. We signed up with the most basic service we could get where we could still have the DVR. Shortly after signing up, I got a call asking if we wanted to try out the NFL Sunday package, which included all the movie channels for 4 months at a ridiculously low price - I agreed and signed up.

I kept telling Greg around Christmas time I needed to cancel our NFL Sunday package or we were going to get hit with a whopper of a bill in January. I forgot...and I got the bill in my email last week - it was a whopper of a bill. This past Monday I went ahead and paid the bill even though it's not due until the end of the month - figured I better go ahead and get that one out of the way.

Wednesday, Greg came home sick from work. I went to the store and when I returned he had fallen asleep watching a war movie on one of our movie channels and there was a lot of cussing and stuff.....which really gets on my reminded me to do something about canceling the NFL Sunday Pkg. I wanted to see if I could do it online rather than calling it in and having to deal with customer service trying to upsell me something.

I logged into our acct (with the war movie still blaring on the TV behind me), found where I could change our package, chose the package I wanted, and hit confirm...then there was silence. When I turned around to look at the TV, the movie channel was displaying this message:

Channel Not Purchased
Wow!! Was that quick or what?!

Hey! Wait a minute though...I've already paid the bill for this month?! So I refreshed the page and went back to look at my account and now I have a credit! Oh my goodness...why didn't I think to do this BEFORE I paid the bill??
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Big Doofus said...

The problem is that we're so used to getting poor customer service that when we get GOOD service we are in a state of shock.

Rebekah said...

At least you have a credit. This is the reason I dont ever do the "two months" free thing. cuz they realize some people are too lazy to cancel. It is a pain to go through the hassle, like you said, they will try to sell you something else

Mom said...

What a wonderful surprise - and awesome customer service. Imagine that...