Thursday, January 8, 2009

CSI or BCS Football?

2009 BCS Championship Game logoImage via WikipediaWhooohoooo...the big game is tonight. Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma in the BCS Championship. Greg is a die-hard football fan. I enjoy watching it - when CSI is NOT on TV!

Greg sent me an instant message earlier today asking if I minded if he went somewhere with friends to watch the game tonight. Since we only have one TV - heck no I don't mind!

I ordered pizza for me and Dakota and I am sitting here watching my most favorite TV show - CSI while Greg is off watching his football. YES! What could be greater?!
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Claire said...

My dh never watches sports on tv, not because we don't have t.v. (we don't), but because he's into cars, and cars alone. However, he has a friend who loves sports, and has money, so he invites his buddies to go to a local bar (a very nice bar/restaurant) and they watch the games. Dh only goes for the free food, I think. :)