Friday, January 2, 2009

Movie Marathon

We used to have a Dollar movie in town until about four months ago when they closed because the mall they were in is closing down for remodeling. When the Dollar movie was here I would go to the movies at least once every other week or sometimes once a week. On Tuesdays I could go for .50/movie!

Since that theater has closed I have only gone to the movies one time and that was to see Fireproof with my church. I don't like paying $8.00 to see movies when I can wait a little while and watch them for $1.00 on DVD via Redbox rentals.

However, mom treated me to three movies in the last week - on Christmas Day I went and saw Seven Pounds, and then yesterday I saw Four Christmases and Marley & Me.

Seven Pounds stars Will Smith portraying an IRS agent. I love Will Smith as an actor! I think he is fantastic. This movie was a great movie but it was hard to follow. I never realized what was going on until the very end. Only after the movie was over and I was talking about it with my friend who went with me did we realize what was I would like to see it again to completely understand the whole storyline.If you don't want to know the storyline then skip on down to the next movie. I won't give away the ending, but I will tell you what is happening so if you go see the movie you will understand why certain events are going on.

Storyline (Don't read if you don't want to know!!)
Will Smith's character (Tim) is a workaholic engineer with a beautiful wife and a gorgeous home on the beach and an ever-present Blackberry in his hand. He and his wife are going out for an evening, he is driving and texting, she is nagging him to put the Blackberry away and next thing you know a van with a family of 6 comes around the corner - they crash and everyone dies except he is responsible for 7 people dying.

During Tim's period of mourning, his brother (Ben, who is an IRS agent) needs a transplant of some type. I believe it was a lung transplant but I can't remember exactly now. Anyway, Tim gives Ben part of a lobe of his lung and after he recuperates he steals Ben's identity in order to have access to people's information. He goes on a quest to find 6 more people to help in a tribute to the people he killed. He makes sure that everyone he helps is a "good" person before he will donate a part of himself to them. That is all I am going to tell you...make sure you bring tissues to this movie if you tend to cry - it IS a tearjerker!

Four Christmases
This movie has a lot of stars in it! I was shocked at how many good actors were in this film. This one is not suitable for kids at all - I wouldn't take my 12-yr-old to see it because the language and some of the adult humor is too much. Overall though I laughed so hard throughout this entire movie! It was hilarious! You can read the picture above to know what this movie is about - I don't have to give you a summary....just know that it does contain a lot of bad language, but if you can get past that it contains lots and lots of laughs.

Marley and Me
I have 2 black labs and if you are a regular reader of my blog you know I adore my labs. I read this book, Marley and Me by John Grogan a couple of years ago. I could relate to so much of what he wrote in his book! I loved the book and was kind of interested to see how well the movie followed the book. I was very pleased with the movie. My only complaint is how they tried to cram so much of the book into this movie....a span of about 14 years into a 2 hour time slot...which made it feel rushed. It's hard to explain and maybe I just felt like that because I did read the book beforehand and movies are never as good as the books...

Anyway, this is a very sweet movie about dog's best friend and the lessons he teaches one family from the beginning to the end (yes, the end of his sweet life - so bring tissue.) This movie stars Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson - they were amazing together! I laughed - I cried - I enjoyed Marley and Me and highly recommend it to all my dog-loving friends out there.

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Rebekah said...

I want to see all those movies- but like you, I dont go to the movies very often. I did take the kids to see Bed Time Stories, and it was cute.