Monday, January 19, 2009

An AHAAAA moment

I really, REALLY hate it when I am slapped in the face with one of those traits I don't like in my children...and come to find out, they get it from me! Has that ever happened to you? Sure it has, don't sit there acting like it hasn't! :-)

Sometimes I get so irritated with Dakota because he won't just answer a question and tell me what he wants. It is a simple yes or no question.

For example (this has not happened, recently anyway, but this is merely for an example) -
I went into the kitchen to get a piece of cake. It was the last piece. After putting it on my plate and sitting down at the table, Dakota walks in and says "That looks good, is there any left?"

Me -"No, this is the last piece - do you want to split it with me?"

His reply "No, that's okay, you eat it, I don't want to take it from you."

Me - "Here Dakota I am offering it to you, let me get a plate and a fork and I'll cut it in half and we can share it."

As I get up to get a plate, knife and fork he is constantly protesting "No mom, it's okay I don't want YOUR cake, you eat it." Blah blah blah blah

I fix his plate of cake for him, set it on the table and after another 5 minutes of protesting he FINALLY sits down to eat the cake! Oh my goodness, enough already! Just eat the stupid cake.'s the kicker - if I had said "okay, fine then leaves more for me" and I just kept all the cake and ate it - he wouldn't have been happy about that at all!

I talk to him about this all the time - how it drives me crazy that he does this and it really ticks me off too. I sometimes think he does it just to get under my skin.

So yesterday it was raining a little bit when we were getting in the truck to head to church. It was just Dakota and I and we both had our hands full getting in the truck. Once we got in and got settled I realized I had forgotten my bottled water. I had just started backing out of the driveway and I said "Oh shoot! I forgot my water!"My Image by dannyman via Flickr

Dakota said "mom, do you want me to go in and get it for you? I will, I don't mind."

I said "No, that's okay, we need to get going, I can do without it for today" and I kept slowly backing up. (Truth is, I REALLY did want it but what was going through my mind is it's raining I don't want him to get any wetter, we are going to be late, I can drink out of the water fountain...LOL)

He says one more time "mom, it will only take me 10 secs to run back in there and get the water. I could have already gone and gotten it by now! Do you want it or not?"

I started saying "No, but thanks anyway..." and he cut me off and said "SEE! THIS is where I get it from! YOU! You are doing the same thing I do! You want the water but you won't admit it!"

We both busted out laughing and I told him "you are so right on! Yes, go get me my water please!"
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Rebekah said...

Yeah, I see my kids do things that irratate me. Then I realize they are acting just like me.