Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She loves me! She really does!

When Tina and Bailee (my granddaughter) are at home in GA, Tina tells me that Bailee has started asking her constantly "Where Yaya go mommy?" That's what she calls me - Yaya.

She has begun calling me every other day or so on my cell phone too and jabbers away for a few minutes before Tina can wrestle the phone away from her. Tina told me Bailee constantly asks to call me. That just gives me warm fuzzies knowing my 2-yr-old grandchild who has lived away from me out of state most of her life now remembers me and asks for me when I am not around.
She is playing peek-a-boo through the window between our dining room and living room

They came into town this past weekend for one day so Bryant could go hunting on Sunday and Tina could go to the college on Monday (she does her school online) and buy her books. While Bryant went hunting, Tina came over Sunday evening and ate dinner with us.
Bailee fell off one of our high-top dining room chairs during dinner. She was reaching for her mom and stretched too far. She hit her lip on our tile floor...notice the blood on her cut lip in the picture above.

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering (or even if you weren't) YES, she is wearing a sundress because it is STILL SEVENTY DEGREES here in January!!!! Oh my goodness - I need to unpack all my summer clothes I have packed up because I am tired of wearing the same tshirts/jeans every day! I received some lovely sweaters for if it would only get cold enough to wear them I would be thrilled!
When Tina went to school on Monday to buy her books she brought Bailee to me. I live right around the corner from the college and I told her I would babysit. She sat Bailee down on the couch and gave her her Dora backpack loaded down with toys. She began to tell her "Bailee, mommy and daddy have to go somewhere but we will back in just a little bit, okay?" and Bailee ignored her. Tina started telling her again and I told Tina "she'll be fine, just go." Then Bailee said "Goooooooooo Mommy!" What a stinker!

We had lots of fun together for the hour they were gone. Boy, she was uber-excited when she saw her mommy and daddy driving up the driveway though. That homecoming made going away for an hour all worth it!

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Claire said...

What a sweetie she is! How fun to be a grandma. I've got a looonnggg way to go, but I practice on all my young friends' kids. :)