Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on my best friend

I haven't updated ya'll on my best friend CJ's bout with cancer lately. I think last time I updated you I told you that she was supposed to be taking three chemo drugs but she has had an allergic reaction to two of them so she has only been taking one of them the last 2-3 treatments. That one drug is actually supposed to work in conjunction with one of the other drugs too so she is extremely frustrated as to why she's even bothering to do it at all.

We were supposed to have a yard sale together tomorrow but it looks like rain this weekend. I haven't yet talked to her this morning so I am not sure what we are going to do. Her last chemo treatment is Monday. That will be her 6th round. After that her doctor is going to run all the scans and tests again to find out where her cancer is growing. We are thinking it is in her back somewhere because she has awful horrible shooting pains in her back all the time. We went to breakfast last week and she couldn't hardly sit still during our meal because her back was hurting so bad...she has to shift back and forth to find a comfortable spot. Bless her heart - my heart breaks for her - the pain she is in and the decisions she is facing. Please continue to pray for her.


Rebekah said...

My prayers to her

Hunny Bee said...

My mom went through cancer a little over a year ago...chemo, radiation, surgery. It's so hard to watch someone go through all that and not be able to do much to help. I'll say a prayer for CJ.

And just so you know, the cancer my mom had was so rare it didn't even have a name. And it was in a very unusual location that made treating it difficult. But now it is completely gone and she is back to her normal life. Every test continues to come up clean. God is great and I pray CJ feels His love and grace every single day and night.

God bless.