Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustave

We've been unpacking the last three days. We're exhausted! Today was our day of rest before Greg has to go back to work tomorrow. We woke up to hard rain and wind due to Hurricane Gustave making landfall west of us in New Orleans...we have been under Tropical Storm warning and flood warnings since yesterday. Later this afternoon when the rain let up a little bit we ventured out to the beach...the wind was unbelievable!
The water was extremely high and covered the road and parking lots in areas. We walked out on the fishing pier (shown here) but we couldn't walk all the way to the end because water was crashing up under it. Officials would only allow people to go halfway down the pier.

Greg and Dakota stood up on this bench on the pier and the wind was almost overpowering. They kept telling me to do it so I get up there and my tshirt starts blowing up and my hat tries to blow off! YIKES! I jumped down real quick and tucked my tshirt into my pants and took my hat off my head. They were harassing me so I got back up there again and had to grab Greg's arm - the wind almost knocked me off the bench!
Dakota took this picture of my hon bun and I with the roaring sea behind us...Greg is holding my hair.
This is WITHOUT Greg holding my hair - lovely ain't I?
This beach is called "Mommy Beach" because it is normally the sound side - no waves, all the mommies with little babies can go here and play. Check it out has WAVES - in the parking lot!!!


Rebekah said...

You look a little wind blown- to say the least. Glad you guys didn't get hit too hard

Monica said...

Your hair is making me laugh:) So glad to hear that you faired well in the storm. Happy moving.